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A disciplined respect for the minimal is the primary ethos of Modern Weaving.

The leather bag collection artfully fuses ancient basketry techniques into modern functional shapes.  The incorporation of laser and die cutting technologies add to the silhouettes unique pattern and form, while minimizing waste in the production process.

Modern Weaving’s jewelry assortment consists of high polished raw brass and Nara porcelain pieces hand formed, or thrown on the potters-wheel. Varying textural or gloss glazes add surface dimension.

Tiffani Anne Williams is informed by over a decade of experience in the creative development of fiber and fabric with craft-masters as far and wide as Peru, Turkey, Egypt, Guatemala, Tokyo, Paris and Denmark. A self-taught ceramicist with a study in glaze calculation, she has a meticulous approach to technique and craftsmanship – the foundation of which anything must be built.

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